Kendo Tilburg

Pinksteren Kyudo Seminar May 2018

For the first time in the history of WaShinKan’s founding, WaShinKan members joined the annual Kyudo seminar from the Dutch Kyudo Renmei (KRN), which is always organised in the weekend of Pentecost.

Right of the bat our members headed to the Dojo on a Friday afternoon. We gathered all our Yumi (bows), Kake (gloves) and Ya (arrows). We also had to stuff the Makiwara in the car, so full ride! The seminar was held in Westernieland, close to Pieterburen for those who know that. It was a long drive and after a short stop at McDonald’s we arrived at the venue.

The location, called ‘De Slikken’, was originally a workers camp/living accommodation after the Second World War to host workers from as far as Drenthe for the works of a new dyke along the border of the north sea. Anyways, enough about that! Right now it’s a venue where big groups such as the scouts and schools host their jamborees and events. And the Dutch Kyudo Renmei their seminar.