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WaShinKan Summer Camp! (Natsu Gasshuku – 合宿) 2017

  • Kendo Iaido Kyudo WaShinKan Tilburg

This year’s Summer Camp (or occasionally called Natsu Batsu) was, just like last year, a succes!

It started off with gathering at Jonathan’s place and went for grocery shopping. Quite funny to go with such a big group with multiple age categories. And of course in the supermarket everyone got to pick what they liked. The youngest member of the group, Silke, decided that we would all eat pasta with salmon. Good choice! After dinner we would spend the first part of the evening repairing and assembling shinai. Important to know what part is named what, how the shinai is build up and how to take care of each part.

Second part of the evening was having drinks, eating some snacks and playing video games and then off to bed!

The next (early) morning, we started off with a cup of tea and a quick warming up before running in the morning!

After the cooling down it was time for showers and breakfast. Then quickly gathering and on to the dojo for practice! A lot of kihon but also a bit more in depth on how to take care of your bogu and shinai.

Then quickly changing and onwards to home for lunch. Since all the previous food bought was already gone at breakfast, we bought some Turkish breads and enjoyed those before heading to the swimming pool.

Arrived at the swimming pool, it was decided that with the previous practice and the keiko sessions in the evening, everybody could just enjoy their time. So just relaxing was also an option!

Because we were running a tight schedule, and there wasn’t much time to buy groceries, cook, eat, do the dishes and get to the dojo in time, the dinner of choice was Turkish pizza from the Turkish bakery next to Jonathan’s place. Tasting good and being easy and quick there was even less dishes to be done afterwards. Then Rudy, Ivo, Bilal and Ouassim went for some quick groceries shopping and bought snacks and drinks for the night. Then quickly to the dojo for the last kendo session of the day.. Kata! Jonathan and Ivo showed the basics of proper etiquette and respects norms and why things are as they are in Kendo and Japan. Of course Kevin’s little girl had to be part of it too..!

After the session of Kata where we went back to Jonathan’s place and looked at the videos of 2012 world kendo championships, some videos of begin Japanology that explained Kendo a bit more in depth and some videos of Ivo’s Senpai: Teramoto Shoji. Great to watch and very nice ippons were shown. And then it was time for bed!

The next morning we started with a cup of tea and making some eggs for breakfast. After the tea it was time for a run!

Quick showers and then on to breakfast! Grapes, fresh egg salad, bananas, bread and tea, all good after a morning run. After breakfast we headed back out to the dojo for our kata session to give our stomachs some rest and digest! Starting with kihon kata the first part of the training, the second was more in-depth on saho (the correct way of doing things). To show the actual way how to put the sword in the obi (belt) and where things come from that are in current Kendo the first part of the Kihon kata was exercised over and over.

Time for the real swords!

Then it was time for lunch. Since the summer camp was closing in on its end, the lunch consisted out of kebab sandwiches and some bread with cheese. Of course the dishes still had to be done afterwards from both breakfast and lunch, but as they say: many hands make light work.

To close off yet another successful and fun event organised by yours truly, we decided to get some drinks at the cafe next to Jonathan’s place.

For all those who participated, thank you so much for making Ivo’s efforts not in vain and for those not there, make sure you join next time!