Kendo Tilburg

WaShinKan Summer Camp! (Natsu Gasshuku – 合宿) 2018

This year’s Natsu Gassuku (or ocassionally called Natsu Batsu – Summer punishment) was a great succes! WaShinKan members had an amazing time, great experience and learned a lot.

When most of the members gathered at Ivo’s place, we directly went out for some grocery shopping at Jumbo. Of course it had to be healthy, contain a lot of nutrients and be tasty! We decided to mainly eat pasta this weekend, so that’s what we went for.

After groceries it was time for the first step of getting in shape again and the first training-session of the summer camp: Running! We drove to our usual running location (see our trainingschedule for the location), and went for an initial round (3.2 KM) to see how in (or better said, out of) shape everyone was. After running, we hit the showers and started preparing the food! Then all around the table at Ivo’s place and feast!

After dinner it was time for drinks, discussion, explanations and some Kata practice! Because the ceiling was pretty low, the choice of swords was on the shoto (usually only used in the kodachi ippon- until sanbonme). Ivo of course had to do some explanation on why the shoto existed in the first place to the newer members, showed parts of the kodachi Kata. After writing some of the info down, it was back to practice and then off to bed!

The very next morning at 08:00 (yes, very early…) we already sat in the cars for another round of running! Everyone started off again with stretching under the judging eyes of our very own running expert Rudy. Although early, everyone did their best and actually ran a better pace than before. Then back home and quick breakfast with some bread and bananas!

After breakfast and a moment to relax, everyone grabbed their swimming gear and we headed to the swimming pool. Although most of the time was free and people were only relaxing in the pool, chatting with the lifeguards or slipping down the slides, we also had a session of diving lessons for our youngest members. Of course everyone was quite satisfied with the day so far, but to be honest, practice wise, it wasn’t that hard. Not yet at least, but that would come after dinner, so first stop: groceries shopping.

After getting the food for the night, we headed to the dojo for some practice. First up warming up, then quickly onto all the different pointers of Kata! Changing clothing and heading back to Ivo’s place, everyone was already getting hungry. Not too strange, considering the activities so far! Time for some cooking, and yes, again a healthy pasta!