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Nafuda (Zekken)


Nafuda (Zekken)

Nafuda are worn on the bogu to identify the players based on Dojo and name. The Nafuda is made with Indigo-dyed #10,000 Cotton Canvas fabric and Clarino leather is used for lettering. The Clarino leather is machine-cut and looks great as well as being very durable, giving you a high quality Nafuda that will last you for a while. This Nafuda is handmade by Tozando's skilled craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan.

Please note: All WaShinKan Nafuda are conform standard design, using Dojo name, name of the player in Gyosho font (first name, Katakana/Kanji) with Arial font for the players name on the bottom.

Price for WaShinKan members: