Kendo Tilburg

Wolfs & Delepière Sensei Kendo Seminar September 2017

  • Kendo Iaido Kyudo WaShinKan Tilburg

Dany Delepière Sensei (7th Dan) and Jean Claude Wolfs Sensei (7th Dan) enlightened WaShinKan Budojo and Shin Nakada with their visit and seminar on kendo kihon (basics) on Sunday September 17th.

The day started off with everyone doing the WaShinKan warming up. WaShinKan members already know, but for those who don’t, this is quite a rigid and muscle focussed warming up. After our warming up, Ivo introduced both the Sensei and we split up into 2 groups. One group led by each Sensei.

After our first hour-and-a-half session of practice we had a 2 hour break to get lunch. Most of the participants stayed at the dojo, but of course the Sensei and a few selected others joined for dinner in Anvers (Belgium food and drinks) in the city centre of Tilburg. Hamburgers, eggs, beers and some fun conversations before heading back to the dojo!

Right after the break Jonathan and Ivo demonstrated the All Japan Kendo Renmei’s Kata with Habiki, following the complete guidelines of Reiho (etiquette) and Reigi (respect forms) in detail.

After the kata enbu (demonstration) it was time for a group picture and the second part of the practice. Another 2 hours focussed on kihon with the main explanation being about proper tenouchi and zanshin. Then a quick break and another hour or so of jigeiko!

Everyone tried their best to put the lessons from before in to practice against the sensei and the other kendoka. A lot of sweat, loud kiai and fumikomi made place for silence when the session ended and we presented some local beers and our washinkan tenegui to the Sensei at the end of the seminar.

Everyone quickly showered and headed out to Tilburg city for dinner. We dropped in at a local Italian restaurant (everyone knows Happy Italy I guess?) and had some nice food and drinks while reminiscing about the great seminar. And then back home!

It was really nice to see so many people join the seminar -and dinner afterwards- and we from WaShinKan hope to make the next event an even bigger success.