Founded in 2013 by Ivo van Roij, WaShinKan (和心館) is one of The Netherlands youngest Dojo.

During the last weeks of practice in Japan, Ivo was asked by Kazuhisa Kaneda (金田和久 – Iaido, Kyoshi 8th Dan), Akira Ijima (井島章 – Kendo, Kyoshi 8th Dan) and Makinori Matsuo (松尾牧則 – Kyudo, Renshi 6th Dan) to start a Dojo in The Netherlands, with the main focus on the aspects of daily life and keiko at I.B.U. (International Budo University – 国際武道大学).

The Dojo name, WaShinKan, was created and given to Ivo by these teachers and literally means:

”Place where we practice for an open and gentle heart”

Because WaShinKan is a relatively young and small Dojo, we practice about 2 times a week in small groups, devided in beginners and more experienced Budoka. Click here for our timetables.

WaShinKan Budojo is known for its honest and open-hearted keiko-group that takes part in many different international events and seminars (both open for public as to invitation-only-seminars) and for hosting a lot of (free) events and keiko-sessions. WaShinKan members put themselves apart from other Dojo in Europa by wearing white Keikogi and the practice of traditional Budo in combination with Shiai Keiko.

Feel free to visit us at any of the given times for practice.